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The ObscurityVerse Challenge

sorry, never heard of it.

The Obscure Character Fandom Challenge
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Welcome to the ObscurityVerse, that grey little corner of the 'Net devoted to those fandoms, 'ships and characters who somehow get overlooked despite their general awesomeness. I'm your obscure hostess empty_marrow, and I challenge you thus: let's give these guys some love, people!

The ObscurityVerse Challenge Rules/FAQ:

1) So exactly how do you define "obscure?" Heh, I'll probably change this on the whim of the day, but right now I'm using a definition similar to yuletide, where "obscure" describes any fandom with fewer than 500-ish fics devoted to it on FF.Net or a similar archive. I've added a few names/fandoms in the interests list to give a general idea, but please jump in with any of your own obscure fandoms and I'll keep updating.

2) What if I like an obscure character/'ship in a well-known fandom? As long as you focus primarily on the obscure character/'ship, it's all good. I'd actually love to see what someone would do with, say, a wacky romantic comedy starring Buffy and one of the Gentlemen. *G*

3) How about crossovers? As long as at least one is obscure, cross away!

4) What types of goodies are allowable here? Anything and everything can be posted -- fics, icons, wallpapers, mixes, etc. All I ask is that you post any full-size artwork or any large sets of icons behind a cut, so as to be kind to any members on dial-up.

5) How about ratings/content of fics? Pfft, you're talking to someone who generally writes on the R side of things -- as long as you clearly mark the rating and give warnings about any sensitive subject matter (non-con, etc.), post away.

6) So what isn't allowed here? Flaming, personal attacks, and general whining are prohibited -- fergodsakes, people, one of the good things about obscurity is the usual lack of fan-drama! ;)

7) Is there any deadline to this challenge? If this ever gets popular enough I might plan some formal challenges, but for now, consider yourselves deadline-less.